Our Products

Acme Panel are a range of bespoke design slip resistant decking systems.  They are engineered to fit a wide range of applications – from simple structures around machinery to complex bridge and platform constructions, 6mm to 72mm thickness.

Decksafe slip resistance timber decking & solid pressure treated softwood or hardwood timber treads and planks impregnated and encapsulated with slip  resistant blended aggregate.

Load bearing or overlay composite decking incorporating drainage slots or holes from 6mm to 30mm thick.

MIF Universal Treads are an Aluminium based slip resistant tread system designed to either overlay worn dangerous stairways or to be incorporated into a new build design

Alispar Nosings and Treads are designed to take heavy foot traffic and are suitable for use on external stairs where a high degree of slip resistance is required, even in wet conditions.

Aluminium based modular stair nosing’s, treads and plank covers – 9mm thickness Compliant to the Equality Act 2010 (DDA).

Carborundum inserts for pre-cast concrete and wooden stairs

Load bearing or overlay step covers manufactured in aluminium, timber or composite construction.

Flexible slip resistant 5mm thick floor tiles.

Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) pultruded profile for structural decking systems.

Synthetic resin slurry with slip resistant blended aggregate.  Available in Elastomeric epoxy, polyethylene, epoxy modified polyethylene and methyl methacrylate.

Extensive range of synthetic resin flooring products and installation services.

Extensive range of synthetic resin flooring products and installation services.

Midland Industrial Flooring produce a range of additional products to aid installation or extend the service life of our products.