MIF GRIP FRP Structural Panels are a range of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) pultruded profiles for structural decking systems.

The FRP profile is manufactured using commercial grade E or Ecr fibreglass and thermoset resins which are injected into the die under high pressure.

The Slip Resistant Surface Profile has a proven minimum design life of over 20-years to first maintenance, and the Pultruded FRP profile section has an estimated design life of 60 years.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Structurally Stable
  • High Strength
  • Non-conductive
  • Structurally Stable
  • Thermal range resistant and insulating
  • Tough and durable – long design life
  • Fire retardant pultrusion & coatings
  • Chemical and Stain Resistant
  • Optional DDA Compliance
  • Impact resistant
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Extensive range of surface colours

A Selection of the Profiles Available