Rail – Station Platforms

MIF Acme Panels have been servicing the Rail Industry since 1864 with quality slip resistant products. The latest evolution of the MIF ACME Panel incorporates more flexible resin technology, reducing micro cracking, a cause of short life failure on FRP/GRP systems. The coating system thickness has also doubled, incorporating over twice the amount of carefully blended aggregates in the wearing course, resulting in significant extended life for large volume footfall. This allows us to offer a proven design life of over 25 years under pinned with an insurance backed warranty up to 15 years (terms and conditions apply).

Load bearing lightweight MIF ACME Panels installed on hardwood timber trestle sub-deck layout are designed for a 24mm MIF combined slip resistant wearing course and structural panel to span a 600mm unsupported UDL load meeting all 5kN live load requirements for deflection along with a 48mm cantilever front section.
MIF ACME panels can be specified to incorporate a large variety of additional details to include tactile section, white front bullnose edges, yellow turbulence line, drainage outlets, drip groove, furniture support brackets and colour demarcating hatching where required. Pigmented resin demarcations are UV stable permanent colours resulting in no fade and therefore minimal maintenance requirements.
The modular system of the MIF ACME Panel makes them ideal for “possession” work, especially at night, as the fully shaped detailed panel just slips into position as outlined on the detailed layout drawing for that project.

MIF Acme Panel range of bespoke designed slip resistant decking systems.  Choice of thickness for overlay or structural requirements and can include UV stable markings and tactiles.
Synthetic resin slurry with slip resistant blended aggregate.  Available in Elastomeric epoxy, polyethylene, epoxy modified polyethylene and methyl methacrylate.
A range of a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) pultruded profile for structural decking systems, or GRP overlay panels