Insitue Resin Flooring

Midland Industrial Flooring (MIF) manufacture supply and install an extensive range of industrial flooring products to include, sealing, coating synthetic resin screed, slurry’s and mortars.

All products have been carefully formulated with epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate and polyester based technologies to maximise performance and minimise down time.

A MIF technical resin specialist will carry out site surveys to establish client requirements before providing a detailed report with a variety of proposals so an informed decision can be made.

Alternately our technical service department can offer general advice by telephone, e-mail request or correspondence.

Together with MIF’s dedicated directly employed project managers, installation team leaders and synthetic resin floor applicator technicians, we are able to provide a full one stop services to practical completion.

MIF offer insurance backed warrantee through a third party independent broker for added piece of mind.

Advantages of Synthetic Resin Flooring

  • Strong permanent bond to concrete base
  • Excellent resistance to a wide spectrum of aggressive chemicals
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • Increased toughness, durability, resilience, and resistance to impact or abrasion
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned surfaces
  • Great resistance o cracking
  • Low applied thickness
  • Rapid installation and curing with minimum disruption to normal operations

Train Maintenance Depot, Wimbledon

Clear, Clean and Hardwearing.

Impact resistant, easily cleanable with a clearly marked pit edge was required for this installation MIF provided hardwearing epoxy screeds with a slip resistant finish to the shed floor and pit floor as well as a tile smooth  system to the walls.

A clean slip resistant traffic demarcation route help provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing working environment.

Croxley Green

Flexible, cleanable and slip resistant

This very tired and worn mastic asphalt 2nd floor external walkway was severely cracked, very smooth,  slippery and leaking water through to the units below.  MIF Grip MMA slurry and coves system with a slight aggregated profile and light grey seal coat was closed as the system to provide a combined waterproof and hardwearing course solution.


Slip resistant coating and colour demarcation

Xylem have been systematically updating their manufacturing and processing facility by clearly marking  walkways,  truck routes and production areas.  All the resin coating and screed products installed provide a slip resistant and easily cleanable surface.