Ancillary Products

Midland Industrial Flooring produce a range of additional products to aid installation or extend the service life of our products.

MIF Panel FC Repair Kits

MIF Panel FC Repair Kits are a two pack, fast curing flexible system for the in-situ repair of any of the MIF ACME Panel range. The repair kits have been designed to repair the resin surface of any MIF ACME Panel system in order to prolong the serviceable life of the product by locally repairing damaged or worn areas.  The   flexible   coating   maybe   enhanced   by the   incorporation   of   suitable   slip resistant dressing aggregate also available.

MIF Panel FC Repair Kits allow a fast return to service.

Typical Uses

  • To reseal any exposed plywood after on site modifications
  • If dressed, to provide a tough durable slip resistant finish to the MIF ACME Panel’s dynamic surface
  • To patch repair damages to MIF ACME Panels to prolong the structural integrity of the Acme Panel System
  • To enhance the surface appearance of damaged MIF ACME Panels
  • To re-dress an entire MIF ACME Panel surface to prolong serviceable life

Other Products

MIF Primer – MIF Primer is used as the first coat before application of a wearing course, available in standard, moisture tolerant or DPM versions.  It is pigmented to ease application.

FC Clear Seal – Clear sealer is designed to be used as the finish coat for naturally aggregated other MIF flooring products. The application of a clear sealer coat is recommended to reduce any tendency towards staining and dirt pick up, and thereby ensuring optimum ease of cleaning of the resin floor system, and without masking the natural aggregate colour blend.

FC Colour Coat – To re-dress or aesthetically enhance the surface appearance of worn insitue MIF flooring products

FC Fixing Kit – Fast curing flexible system for the capping of the fixing countersink or counterbore profile of the MIF Panel range.

FC Jointing Compound – Fast curing, pourable, flexibilised joint sealant. The consistency of the sealant allows direct pouring into horizontal joints. MIF FC Jointing Compound is hard and tough enough to protect arris edges from heavy wheel loading, but possesses sufficient flexibility to accommodate a degree of movement up to 10% of the joint width.

FC Levelling and bedding mortar – Step repair and stair edge renovations

FC Slurry – Filling of deep holes before the application of any MIF flooring product